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Back-end web development involve web based application development and database operations. This kind of web development involve process of building and maintaining the server side programming components of a website or web application. It involves managing the logical, database operations, and server side functions need to be created using programming languages i.e. PHP, Python, C# . This enable the front-end of the website to interact with the database server to store or extract required data records and deliver dynamic content to users as requested.

Here are some back-end web development languages:

Programming Languages: Back-end development typically involves working with programming languages such as:
Python: Known for its simplicity and versatility, Python is widely used in web development, especially with frameworks like Django or Flask.
JavaScript: Often used for both front-end and back-end development, with Node.js as the server-side JavaScript runtime environment.
PHP: A popular language for web development, particularly with frameworks like Laravel or Symfony. Ruby: Used with the Ruby on Rails framework to build robust web applications.
Java: Commonly used for enterprise-level web development, with frameworks like Spring.

Careervision Institute is offer front end and back end web development courses. For more information visit below courses details.

Web Development Course

A project based course includes development of interactive and responsive websites and front-end web development of an attractive website. Web Development course includes HTML5, CSS3 Bootstrap for creating beautiful responsive website.

Compuetrized Accounting

In this Computerized Accounting course, we will train about process of accounting, summarising and reporting a company’s business in Quickbooks, MS Excel and Tally ERP.

ASP.NET Course

A project based Software Development course includes training of ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, C# programming, Java scripts development and front-end web application development.

Full Stack Web Development

A project based course includes development of interactive and responsive websites includes both front & back end coding. Web Development course includes HTML5, CSS3, PHP, mySql, Java, Bootstrap

SEO Course

A practical training of CCNA Course in islamabad to work on Cisco Networking. Learn configuring cisco network and CCNA design in this networking course