Database AdmininstationTraining Course

  • Trainer : Mr. Bilal Khan
  • Course : Database Admininstation Course in Islamabad Pakistan

Course Overview

This course covers Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA) under supervision of database experts in islamabad and rawalpindi center. Now a days DBA Skills is in hot demand due to the computerization growth and reliance on database management. SQL Server is a relational database management system from Microsoft that’s designed for the enterprise environment, MS SQL Server is also an ideal database for any dynamic websites which need data processing and user management capabilities.

In this course you will practically learn the skills required to install and configure a Microsoft SQL Server solution and to work in computer labs to work on Sever & network environment which will communicated Database & applications. You will learn to Database Administration by maintaining data storage, backup and restoration, importing and exporting data, security, database maintenance and the SQL Server Agent.

This is complete DBA track which will covers Microsoft certification, which is divided into 12 Sections which will normally cover in 8 weeks (02 Months).

SQL Server Database Administration Course Contents

Section-01 Introduction to Database
🕑 Duration: 03 Sessions

This section covers the following Database Concepts in which you will be awared about environmnet and knowledge of Database Systems.

  • Intro to Database and RDBMS Model
  • Database Administration Overview
  • Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  • SQL Database Management Tools and Techniques
Section-02 Installing and Configuring SQL Server
🕑 Duration: 03 Sessions

In this section of training, you will learn installation of MS SQL Server 2016 on Server Machine

  • Plan SQL Server Installation
  • Prequsites before Installing SQL Server
  • Steps for Installation
  • Post-Installation Configuration
Section-03. Work with Databases and Storage
🕑 Duration: 02 Days

This section cover Storage level configuration with files

  • Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
  • Manage Storage for System Databases and User Databases
  • Move Database Files
  • Configure the Buffer Pool Extension
Section 4. Plan and Implement a Backup Strategy
🕑 Duration: 02 Days

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  • SQL Server Recovery Models
  • Plan a Backup Strategy
  • Backup Databases and Transaction Logs
  • Business Product Images Creation
  • Backup Options and Backup Reliability
Section 5. Restore SQL Server Databases
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers backing up database strategy, how to configure backup and restore strategy for SQL Server

  • Restore Process and Databases Restoration
  • Advanced Restore Scenarios
  • Mirroring Database Backup
  • Point-in-Tim Recovery
Section 6. Import and Export Data
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers transfering database or tables operations. Very useful to learn database or table transfering.

  • Transferring Data
  • Import and Export Table Data
  • Copy or Move a Database
Section 7. Monitor SQL Server
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers monitoring and reporting operations.

  • Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server
  • Dynamic Management Views and Functions
  • Performance Monitor
  • Trace SQL Server Workload Activity and Use Traces
Section 8. Manage SQL Server Security
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers SQL Sever Security.

  • Introduction to SQL Server Security
  • Manage Server-Level Security and Database-Level Principles
  • Performance Monitor
  • Manage Database Permissions
Section 9. Audit Data Access and Encrypt Data
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers audit and encrypt Sql Server database.

  • Audit Data Access in SQL Server
  • Implement SQL Server Audit
  • Performance Monitor
  • Encrypt Databases
Section 10. Perform Ongoing Database Maintenance
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers integrity, performance and routine autmatic maintenance processes.

  • Ensure Database Integrity
  • Maintain Indexes
  • Automate Routine Database Maintenance
Section 11. Automate SQL Server Management
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers automatic Jobs Management and monitoring.

  • Implement and Manage SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • Manage Job Step Security Contexts
  • Manage Job on Multiple Servers
Section 12. Monitor SQL Server Using Alerts and Notifications
🕑 Duration:2 Days

This section covers alerts and notification configurations

  • Monitor SQL Server Errors and Error Logs
  • Configure Database Mail and Alerts
  • Configure Operators, Alerts, and Notifications
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Mr. Bilal KHan is a Software developer and he got 08 years of database Development and administration experience. He is working with eurpion software company to give software and database development n administration online services from pakistan.

Course Feature

  • 🕑 Duration:02 Months
  • 📚 Lectures:24
  • 📖 Quizes:03
  • 🧑 Batch:08

PKR. 25,000/-

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