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Amazon VA Course

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    Usman Khan
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Course Overview

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant?

A person provide online services to foreign clients who have good knowledge of operating an Amazon Seller Central store, sales operations, product listing and order management.

in this amazon va course we are starting new batch for practically training students about Amazon seller central operations, product, stocks and order management. The person can be capable to offer his servics as virtual assistant , can easily handle store Operations and give good interview to online clients upto their satisfaction.

This amazon va course is for people who are interested to learn on Amazon FBA and Arbitrage process for operating an Amazon e commerce Business and learn amazon products sales operations to serve as virtual assistant in islamabad. This course includes learning of all amazon seller central operations, Amazon orders dealing, sale management, client handling, orders etc. This course cover all operations relevant to administrative and technical support of Amazon business which is require for Amazon Virtual Assistant VA duties. Apart from this you will learn about Amazon seller account knowledge what is FBA with Arbitrage and wholesale logistic/resourcing. You will learn how to start Amazon freelancing on upwork to earn online as freelancer.

Course Outlines:

Amazon VA Course Outline

We will cover following components in depth during practical training.
  • Introduction to E-commerce
  • Introduction to FBA and FBM
  • What is virtual assistant Va?
  • what are VA Services
  • Amazon FBA Concepts and Requirements
  • Details about Amazon FBA Wholesale, Amazon Drop shipping
  • Amazon Product Hunting and Research Tools
  • Introduction to Product Analysis and Hunting Tools
  • Amazon Sourcing and Logistics
  • Working with Amazon Web Store’s Product listing, Product management
  • Amazon Order Management and Customer Support
  • Amazon Cases and Report Handling
  • Best practices for reaching maximum customers
  • Amazon Store health, reviews, feedback, and ratings
  • Business Ethics for Amazon Business
  • Effective opportunities to generate higher sells, increase selling of product
  • Guidance for Creating Amazon VA Upwork Profile.
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Course Contents Details
Introduction to E-commerce Duration: 02 Days

Complete brief of E-Commerce will be provide along with practically discuss different e-commernce business models.

  • - How E-Commerces works?
  • - You will learn operations involved in E-Commerce.
Introduction to FBA and FBM - Duration: 01 Week

In this section of training, you will learn about Full Filled by Amazon Model and Full Filled by Merchant Model of Business

  • What is FBA?
  • What are requirements of FBA
  • Product Hunting for FBA?
  • How to search and find products?
  • Product Research Tools
    Amazon FBA Wholesale Duration: 02 Sessions

This portion covers how to work with Amazon FBA Whole Sale Marketplace

Section Includes:

  • - Introduction to Wholesale Market
  • - Wholesale Search on Internet
  • - Business Communication and Business Emails
  • - Search Wholesale deals?
  • - Profit Analysis FBA Wholesale?
Amazon Research Tools Duration: 02 Weeks

Section Includes:
  • - Introduction to Amazon Tools
  • - Working with Keepa
  • - Working with Jungle Scoutt
  • - Working with Amazon Product Calculator
  • - Product Sale Analysis
    Amazon Seller Central Duration: 2 Days

Working with Amazon Web Store operations on Amazon Seller Central Account.

  • - Amazon Order Management
  • - Amazon Cases and Report Handling
  • - Amazon Store health, reviews, feedback, and ratings
  • - Business Ethics for Amazon Business
  • - Guidance for Creating Amazon VA Upwork Profile.
Usman Khan
Senior Trainer

Mr. Usman Khan is a Senior Trainer for Amazon course. He got 06 years of experience while running his own Amazon FBA Business and providing Virtual Assistant Services to his clients.

  • - Amazon Web Service (AWS Professionals)
  • - Worked with 100+ international brands
  • - 10+ Successful Private Label launches
  • - 20 wholesale launches
  • - Amazon AWS, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify expert
  • - Amazon Business consultant

Course Features

  • Duration : 02 Months
  • Leactures : 24
  • Quizzes : 04
  • Batch : 10
Price : PKR. 30,000/- Enroll Now