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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is basically an advertising, networking or positioning of a business on social media, website and market places that grow up and updated with a proper marketing strategy to anounce offerings, to update new deals, and come with innovative way of presenting product and services of your business. Digital marketing course includes social media marketing, web designing, canva graphic tool and website SEO course to boost business in islamabad. This digital markeitng course will capable you to work for a business to get more customer to the business, to get freelancing work online from home in islamabad rawalpindi.

Importance of Digital Markeing in pakistan

To market the business and their products and services online over different platforums is known to be a key of success in new era. In pakistan digital marketing strategy is getting more importance then traditional marketing efforts because of techonolgy evaluation and use of smart phone, social media popularity and google search for products, and services by users in big cities is of high demand for ordering and shopping online.

Scope of Digital Markeing in pakistan

Digital technology will continue to change the face of marketing for every next year to come but during this year 2023-2024 there is a survey report that in metropolitin city like islamabad, rawalpindi, lahore and karachi there is great demand of digital marketing come to know by different businesses. Those who succeed will need knowledge of the consumer and how today digital marketing and analytics is at the heart of marketing today. Aspiring marketers need to understand the digital consumer and how the tools of digital work in practice, as well as the latest frameworks to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing activity.

How to start Digital Markeing online earning in pakistan a guideline for students?

In short way someone can understand, Digital marketing is great strategy of marketing what you can do over Internet-connected devices. The digital marketing course and traings can better teach you to choice different marketing area like social media marketing, Email marketing, content marketing by blogging, google seach engine optimization, google local business and many other facets of digital marketing to use for digitally market a business.

How Digital Marketer Work Online

Digital marketers do alot of activities online on social media, working with seo tools to observe website traffics and analyze the spectrum of customer reaching to different businesses. Digital Marketing spent his time to study and analyze how people relate to one another online on social media, on marketplaces, and they do different activiteis of creating content for online consumption, and mastering digital mediums. As you get more comfortable with marketing in the digital space, the business readership, viewership, and sales will likely grow with all efforts a digtal marketer do.

Benefits to attend Digital Markeing course and trainings in pakistan?

Every learning activity bring knowledge but also add up skill to your resume. Digital Marketing is a good field to choose. Whereas this digital marketing Course includes many skills what you can learn and the essential platforms for digital marketing includes effective use of social media platforms, web designing skills, google search engine optimization SEO course is a fantastic move to start learning innovative way of marketing a business digitally. This course is very practical in the sense that we teach you how to create social media business profile, the planning for a digital business marketing campaign through social media advertisement to promote and communicate with your consumer and develop a brand. You will be able to practically learn to effectively get benefits of Digital marketing and differentiate between the most influential social media networks and their advantages.

Course Outlines:
This Digital Marketing course covers six modules to get in depth practical knowledge and to work on different tools and software which capable you to handle any business or company as a digital marketer.
  • Module-1:  Social Media Marketing
  • Module-2: Digital Content Creation (Basic Web Development/Graphics)
  • Module-3:  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Module-4:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module-5:  Digital Web Content Analysis
  • Module-6:  Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Course Contents
Module 1 : Social Media Marketing Module Duration: 03 Weeks

This section will cover Social networks, business pages/profile creation, infographics, writeup web content creation. You will learn most cost effective ways for businesses to get promoted digitally and the way how you can get potential audience and customer to generate business leads. You will be train about variety of Social marketing techniques on social networks, to extract research and mindset insights which will give you a special edge to create and design the marketing strategies.

  • Introduction to Social Media Platforms
  • Content Advertisement, Outreach and insight analysis
  • How to run business campaign
  • Advertisemt on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Effectiveness of Pinterest, Twitter, Quora and guest blogging
  • Insights and Outreach Analysis
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Picture of Digital Marketing coruse trainer in I-8 islamabad
Arsalan Hussain
Senior Trainer

Mr. Arsalan Hussain is a Senior Trainer for professional computer courses digital marketing, web development, seo search engine optimization in careervision institute islamabad. He trained 500+ students in different digital marketing fields. He got 10 years of experience of Training in field of Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO google my business GMB, Google Map and website citation services

Trainer Arsalan Aims and Objectives

He has aim to train new generation with Digital marketing strategies which are trending fields of information technology. To properly understand digital marketing and take a quick look at the world of the Internet, Mr. Arsalan write hundreds of blogs and conducted events in diffferent universities and colleges in islamabad and rawalpindi. He asked a question, is there a way to get the most out of your business? So the answer he say yes! Learn Digital Marketing Course In Islamabad.

Course Features

  • Duration : 03 Months
  • Leactures : 30
  • Quizzes : 03
  • Batch : 10
Price : PKR. 36,000/- Enroll Now