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    Bilal Ahmed
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    Information Technology
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Course Overview

ASP.NET Software Development is a web application field course having great opportunities in software houses, islamadad rawalpindi and lahore city having high demand of ASP. NET developers with good knowledge of developing a web based software application. After completion of this course student can work online for different foreign companies as web application developer.

This course will cover ASP.NET Web forms and further to understanding of MVC model which is Microsoft’s next-generation ASP.NET cross-platform framework. It’s designed from the ground up to be fast, flexible, modern, and work across different platforms.

ASP.NET is an open-source web framework, and higher performance than ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft and the community. It is a modular framework that runs on both the full .NET Framework, on Windows, and the cross-platform .NET

Course Contents Details
Course Key Learning Detailed Topics

This course consists of different web development languages concepts. Programmer will teach Students to work on ASP.Net Framework, how to install and configure Microsoft Studio and deploy the final application on Internet Information Services (IIS 7) to test their own work.

  • Fundamentals and Concepts of ASP.NET
  • Object oriented programming using C#
  • Web development using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript Interactive Development with jQuery and jQuery UI
  • ASP .NET Core MVC Programming
  • Server side programming using Web API and Controller integration
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Programming
  • ADO .NET Entity Framework with LINQ and SQL Server
  • Operations using C# Script and Java Scripts
  • Building Custom Model Binders and Model Validation
  • Implement security in ASP.NET MVC applications
  • Intro to Microsoft .NET Platform and .NET Core
  • Inro to VB .NET / C# Language
  • Object Oriented Class Libraries Development
Brief Contents - Duration:Full Course
  • Understanding Microsoft .NET Platform & .NET Core
  • Fundamentals of VB .NET / C# Language
  • Object Oriented Class Libraries Development
  • Generics , Exceptions, Events and Delegates
  • Developing Web Applications using Visual Studio 2019
  • Create web pages and HTML Forms using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Styling Text, Block Elements etc. using CSS3 Selectors
  • Enhancing Graphical Effects by Using CSS3
  • Essentials of JavaScript, jQuery, & JSON
  • Programming the HTML DOM with JavaScript & jQuery
  • Validating User Input using HTML5 Attributes, JavaScript & jQuery
  • Responsive Web Development using Twitter Bootstrap 4
  • Creating rich user interface using jQuery UI
  • Using AJAX for Efficient ASP .NET Web UI
  • Overview of ASP .NET Core MVC, Razor pages & Web API
  • Essentials of ASP .NET Core MVC Application
  • Creating & using ASP .NET Core MVC Models
  • Developing Web Application using ASP .NET Core Razor pages
  • Creating & using Layout Views, Partial Views & HTML Helpers
  • Essentials of Database Programming in .NET
  • Database Programming using Entity Framework Core
  • Testing and Debugging ASP .NET Core MVC Web Application
  • Applying Styles to ASP .NET Core MVC Web Applications
  • Building Responsive Pages in ASP .NET Core MVC Applications
  • State Management in ASP .NET Core MVC
  • Developing & Consuming Web API using ASP .NET Core MVC
  • Layered Architecture & N-Tier Web Application Development
  • Creating Reports in ASP .NET Core MVC Application
  • Configuration & Deployment of ASP .NET Core MVC Applications
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Bilal Khan
Software Developer

Mr. Bilal khan is an experienced Software Developer having 05 years of working experience in different software companies. He has completed different ASP.Net MVS projects during his career. He has great command on ASP.Net, C#, Java Scripts, and Visual Studio .Net Framwork.

Course Features

  • Duration : 06 Months
  • Leactures : 40
  • Lab Sessions : 60
  • Quizzes : 10
  • Batch : 10
Price : PKR. 50,000/- Enroll Now