Digital Marketing courses in Islamabad Pakistan

Course Brief: Freelancing Course

2 May 2023 11:00AM - 01:00PM Careervision Institute Banner image  best digital marketing course in rawalpindi pakistan

This is a practical Digital marketing training which is compose of different courses that teaches students how to market products or services using Social media, search engine, local citation and search engine marketing. This course cover a range of topics, from basic marketing principles to advanced techniques and tools for spreading and promoting business using digital media to reach target audiences to bring maximum business leads.

These Digital marketing courses will be offered as online courses, and also physical in-person classes in careervision institute islamabad and rawalpindi.

Digital Marketing Courses Outlines:
We will cover following components in depth during Digital Marketing training course.
  • Module-1:  Social Media Marketing
  • Module-2: Basic Web and Graphics Designing
  • Module-3:  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Module-4:  Basic SEO Strategies
  • Module-5:  Digital Web Content Analysis
  • Module-6:  Digital Marketing Strategy
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    St# 94, Sector I-8/4 Islamabad.