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Understand: Fiverr Gigs idea, Title and Gigs image.

Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr?

Let me brief you a little what are main reasons that you do not get orders on Fiverr. One big reason is low English Language skill:

Difficulty with English:

A native English language speaker, will not going to hire you for anything that requires English ability. If you write a skill which involves english writing or reading. 
For Example as you say in your gig:
"I am delivering a top quality working with 100% accuracy."
"I have worked 200+ projects in other marketplace. So don't confuse about my skills."
"Before Ordering, Please contact me and brief your task details"
Your pricing is higher: $5 for 2 hours
- that's $2.50 per hour. $30 for 10 hours
- that's $3 per hour. $130 for 30 hours. That's $4.33 per hour.
The larger the order, the more you're charging per hour. That's not attractive pricing what you are trying to ask.
If you think a little bit you have written your gigs about yourself, not about the customer's needs. 
Your gig is filled with "I, I, I." "I am excited to work with you!" "I am highly interested and waiting for your response." " I'm new on Fiverr, But I have over 5 years experience in the freelance career."
Instead, explain the benefits to a potential buyer. The only place you try to do this is in your headline:  "I Will Be a VA to your Amazon Business Growth." or "I Will work for your business for digital marketing work"  just see above that's not very clear, and it's in poor English.
* Clean up the English. * Develop a pricing program that makes sense.

Most important, refocus your profile and fiverr gigs to explain the benefits to a clients which could help bring contracts..

You may keep working to promote fiverr gigs and also do promotion on facebook and youtube. Create your good profile and upload your skills and work promotional video on facebook, linkedin page and YouTube channel tends to generate millions of views, and customers are commonly contact you after getting organic traffic.

Managing official business pages efficiently with relevant posts on a daily basis, replying to customer queries in a timely manner, running promotional campaigns, and making efforts to make the page more likeable and popular is an art.

Top 7 professional skills to work online on Fiverr website

1- Amazon FBA VA Online Working: You can work online as virtual assistant VA. You will find good clinets of Amazon VA on fiverr website.
2- Graphic Designing: Very good scope of working you will find to get client who ask for graphic design.
3- Social Media Marketing: Alot of fiverr gigs you will find regarding Social Media Marketing, Social Meida Campaign and digital marketing strategy
4- Web Development: Web Development is all the time favorite field, clients mostly look for good web developers to perform tasks.
5- Lead Generation: Data Lead Generation is a good field where people provide you business scope information to find good leads from internet data banks. Basic IT trained person can easily perform leads generation tasks on fiverr freelancing website.
6- On-Page and Technical SEO Working:
7- Backlinks or link Building Off-Page SEO: Backlinks or link building is a very high rated skill, you will find alot of online work of high quality links building.
Computer Coures: Learn Basic IT Computer Courses in islambad Rawalpindi Pakistan to start freelancing
8- Software Engineering: Software development is a professional skill and on freelancing it is a top level highly paid skill.

How can I promote gigs on Fiverr very fast?

As we know, Fiverr is a good website for online working to make some money and finding some good services. It is pretty popular and alot of client looking for professionals and skill holder to complete their work. There are too many similar service providers on Fiverr which create competition for new freelancer biggeners. It is a little bit hard for beginners to get orders or contract on Fiverr. To promote gigs fast on Fiverr, there are some some advices may give you some help :

1- Firstly, the title of gig should be concise and clear, so that others can get to know you more easily from you title, no spam no overstating, we just need to let them know what we can provide, what we can help them… And we can also add at least one hot keyword in title, so that others can find us more easily.
2- You must choose some good skill what you are good to do, just think abut it that there are so many similar services are providers on Fiverr. How can you stand out among them? How to highlight your competitiveness? In my opinion, you should choose to do what you are professional, so that you can get more orders easily.
3- In most cases, GIG sets three packages, which can be understood as a package. Generally, the basic package is cheaper and more cost-effective, which can attract more customers. In the process of trading, customers can recommend more advanced packages to earn more money.
Conclusion: Finally, Here I recommend this tool for boost sales on Fiverr. It can create bulk accounts to boost your exposure and get more traffic. It can find thousands of potential buyers on Fiverr in just one click, and send them messages to get more orders. Besides, It can find the best gig for you and reach potential cutomers easily. It is pretty useful.

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