Full Stack Laravel Web Development Courses in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Full Stack Web Development HTML CSS PHP & Laravel

  • Trainer
    Arsalan Hussain
  • Category
    Information Technology

Course Overview

Professional Web Developers has created a project based Front End and Back End web development courses. The speciality of this course is to practically train students with full stack web development in careervision institute islamabad and rawalpindi centers.

This web course covers web development using HTML5, CSS3 Bootstrap along with begginer PHP programming concepts. During the course you will learn database management using mySql database which is required for web application operations.

After learning all prequisites of web develpment you will start learning laravel framwork and feature to start web application developemnt using MVC model in careervision institute islamabad rawalpindi pakistan.

Student will step by step learn different web programming tools/languages and each day students will  learn different techniques to get concept and idea of web programming, use of tools, programming script in HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, javaQuery, PHP, mySql and laravel Modern Web Development Framwork .

Course Contents Details
Web Services Concepts Duration: 01 Week

  • Intro web server, web development tools
  • Preparing Web development requirements
  • Basic concept and usage of HTML / CSS
  • Cyber threat and web Security
Starting up with Web Development using HTML - Duration: 02 Week
  • Basic HTML tags, formatting text ; incorporate Images
  • Incorporate Listing: Unordered List, Ordered List and Description List
  • Form Design, Using form field properties, text field, drop-down, checkbox, radio button
  • Validating HTML
  • Briefing about HTML5 Semantic Elements
  • Adding Audios and Videos on Websites using HTML5 Elements
    Web page Designing Using CSS Custom Style Sheet Duration: 03 Weeks
Section Includes:
  • Creating Forms to Collect Data from Users using HTML5, CSS3
  • Creating CSS Styles: Inline CSS, Internal CSS , External CSS
  • Adding Style, coloring using tags div, blog, p, span
  • Concept, use of ID, Class, Contextual Selectors Attributes
  • CSS3 Box-Model: Padding, Margin, Outline, Border, Background
  • CSS3 Cascading Order, Text, Font, Colors, Backgrounds, Borders
  • Floating Positioning, Absolute and Relative Positioning, Overflow
  • CSS3 Media Queries in Details, Creating fully Responsive Web Pages
  • CSS Animation of objects, Flex box layout design
Bootstrap 4 Duration: 02 Weeks

To download and install Bootstrap 4 and lab exercise of listed features

Section Includes:
  • Typography, Grid System, Tables, images thumbnails
  • Buttons, Badges, Carousel
  • Users Data Forms, Contact Forms, Blog Sections
  • Menus, Tabs, Dropdown, Navs, Navbars and Collapse
  • Tooltips, Popovers, Alerts, Spinners, Badges
  • Pagination, Models, Cards, Image Carousel and Scroll spy
    Java Scripting Duration: 3 Weeks

Working with Java Scripts

  • JavaScript Statements, Expressions, Conditions and Loops
  • JavaScript Objects, Functions, Arrays and Events
  • Working with Data Types in JavaScript
  • Testing and Debug a JavaScript
  • Object-oriented JavaScript applications
  • Using Regular Expressions, Handling Exceptions and Validating Data
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript Applications
  • Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery
  • Using jQuery for Event Handling, Basic Animations and Effects
  • Handling AJAX Call in Plain Text, HTML and JSON format
    PHP Programming Duration: 3 Weeks

in PHP Programming section you will learn programming concepts, syntax and the way to incorporate different operations.

  • Xammp & Netbeans Installation (PHP7 & MySql)
  • Introduction to PHP, Basic PHP syntax
  • Conditional Statements, Loops (for, While, Foreach)
  • Arrays, Super Global Arrays & Functions
  • Use of built in function
  • Intro to OOP, Data members & Data function
  • Access modifiers & Encapsulation
  • Magic Methods, Setter, Getter & Constructors
  • Inheritances, Polymorphism, Abstraction
    Web Hosting and Cpanel Usage Duration: 3 Weeks

Website upload using web hosting cPanel.

  • Introduction to Web Hosting, DNS and Web Domains
  • Train to configure cpanel and uploading Website
  • Briefing of Cyber Security and Permission
Instructor of Web development course in islamabad
Arsaalan Hussain
Senior Trainer

Mr. Arsalan Hussain is a Senior Trainer for Web Developement courses and well known trainer in islamabad and rawalpindi. Got professional experience to train students to learn Web Development, Digital Mrketing and SEO Expert.

Training Method
  • Training sessions by Professional Web Developer
  • Web Development Project during training session
  • Weekly assignments for evaluation
Web Development Project
It will be necessary for participants to develop a website during training course. Course trainers will help each participants for web project completion. A Career vision Training Institute Islamabad will award a certificate after completion of course work and the project.
Course Duration
3 Month (4 Days training sessions of 2 hours every week).  
Outcome of this Training Course?
  After attending this project-based course from Careervision Training institute Islamabad, you will get a skill of creating responsive and elegant website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java script and JQuery. Well experienced professionals of islamabad will not only train you with web development skills but also teach your understanding of protocols, functionality of web server, installations of tools required for web development, internet clients- configuration, web security, website functionality design, business concepts and introduction to web content SEO Techniques.

Course Features

  • Duration : 03 Months
  • Leactures : 45
  • Quizzes : 04
  • Batch : 10
Price : PKR. 40,000/- Enroll Now
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