How to Create Amazon FBA Seller Central Account Store

To start an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Seller Central account, there are few steps mentioned below:

1- Research and plan your product: You need to first plan the business before you begin. It is important to first do research and identify a product or category that you want to sell on Amazon seller central account in islamabad pakistan. All your research based on different factors but you must care about the demand, competition, and profitability while choosing any product. For conducting market research and identify a product that meets the criteria, you can use Keepa, or helium 10 online tool which show you history of products sale to observe facts better.
2- Create an Amazon Account: If you don't have an existing Amazon account, you can create Amazon Seller Central account by visiting website link ( and click on the "Register now" button to create a new account. Provide the required information, including your business name, address, and contact details.
3- Choose a selling plan: Amazon Seller central offers two selling plans for new sellers. First one is the Individual Plan and the other one is Professional Plan also called business plan which required LLC registerd offshore company. The Individual Plan charges a fee per item sold, while the Professional Plan has a monthly subscription fee but provides additional benefits like bulk listing and reporting tools.
4- Set up your seller profile: Once you have select a selling plan and created your amazon seller central account by activating it with video call while remotely sitting at your home in islamabad or rawalpindi which is so easy one. Now time to set up your seller profile. This includes providing information about your business, such as your legal name, address, contact details, and tax information. Ensure that all the information is accurate and up-to-date.
5- List products on seller central: After setting up your seller profile, you can start listing your products on Amazon store. You need to provide detailed and accurate product information, including titles, descriptions, images, and relevant keywords to optimize your product listings and attract potential customers. You need to make sure to comply with Amazon's guidelines and policies while creating your product listings.
6- Setup FBA Products: To use FBA, you need to enable it for your account. Go to the "Inventory" tab in your Seller Central dashboard, select "Manage FBA Inventory," and follow the wizard to set up FBA for your products what you want to list. This involves preparing your inventory, creating shipping plans, and sending your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers by giving orders to Wholsaler or brand.
7- Monitor and manage your inventory: Once you all products are listed and enrolled in FBA and approved for sale, you need to regularly monitor your inventory levels and sales performance while checking statistics. Amazon Seller Central provides various tools and reports to help you track your inventory, sales, and customer feedback etc. You need to stay proactive in managing your inventory to avoid stockouts which will be business loss in term of you will not be able to hold buy box anymore.
8- Provide excellent customer service: Attention here, you should know that Amazon support highly emphasis on customer satisfaction. You should respond to customer inquiries promptly, address any issues or complaints professionally, and strive to provide excellent customer service support at your end. Positive feedback and reviews can greatly enhance your seller reputation and increase sales what is very important for Amazon sale and growth.
9- Optimize your product listings: Continuously work on optimizing your product listings to improve visibility and sales. Monitor keyword performance, gather customer feedback, and make necessary adjustments to your product titles, descriptions, and images. Regularly analyze your sales data and utilize Amazon's advertising and promotional tools to enhance product visibility.
10- Expand and scale your business: Once you have established your presence on Amazon, consider expanding your product range or exploring new market opportunities. Research trends, conduct market analysis, and diversify your product offerings to maximize your business potential.

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Freelancing Upwork Course

This hands-on training covers How to start working as freelancer by applying your current skills or to develop online working skills required for online freelancing work. You will be trained with Upwork and Fiverr course to start working online.

Full Stack Web Development

A project based course includes development of interactive and responsive websites includes both front & back end coding. Web Development course includes HTML5, CSS3, PHP, mySql, Java, Bootstrap

Microsoft Server Course

A practical Server Administration course. Learn installation & configuration Active directory, GPO Configuration, Get prepare for MCSA Certification.

Linux Server Course

This course will covers basic commands, File System, boot process, system configuration, file management, Apache, Squid, Bind, Named Service configurations.