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Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a great field to create website pages techincally better to perform good for results search engines. The better the SEO of a website, the more likely it is that when someone is searching for information on the internet, they will come to the website. You need to know about SEO of a website is about improving the performance and good experience of your website when someone open it.

Search engines are playing vital role in digital marketing, SEO Strategy will always help to project business in more effective way than any other digital marketing effort. It will need the area knowledge and effective skills to plan and execute a web content marketing strategy through which you will be able to place yourself on top of searches and insights that a potential consumer might be seeking through any platform on the internet.

Course Outlines:

We will cover following modiles with practical knowledge during SEO training course, Careerivions is serving best seo course in rawalpindi and islamabad institute centers to train students with SEO skills to work as freelancer.
Module-1: Basic SEO and Web Designing
Module-2:  Web Designing with Techninal/ OnPage SEO
Module-3:  Digital Web Content Analysis
Module-4:  Search Engine Marketing and Analytics Tools)

SEO Course Contents

Module 1 : Fundamentals of SEO

- Duration: 01 Weeks

In this section of SEO Course, you will learn Basic Graphics designing and Basic Web Development. Web contents are very important, if someone don't have knowledge of creating Digital Content then they will need support of web developer and graphic designer to create digital contents. We had added this section to train students for creating their own digital content to work comfortably market any business in effective and independent way.

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Types of SEO
  • Intro to Digital Contents

Module 2: Web Designing with Techninal/ OnPage SEO

Duration: 04 Weeks

This SEO Courses Module will capable you to serve any business to connect their consumer by means of a click. Small and medium companies in islamadad rawalpindi are interested enough to SEO their web contents because they understand that web contents will takes great impage on selling items or services to be on the top of the search engines. You will come to know reasonable knowledge, strategies and online tools to show what can convert their web contents through quality contents that could be high rated in search engines. One of the most important facets of this digital marketing course will be learning ORM that is the utilization of strategies that shape or influence the public perception of a brand on the digital environment. If it is implemented successfully the online reputation of your brand will rocket positively, this will add up to make a digital footprint. What content works? how to find and add good rank keywords in web contents? and what doesn’t, how to curate the right information for the customers/visitors is something you will be learning during this course.

Section Includes:

  • Graphic Content Creation using Canva
  • WordPress Web Designing
  • Business Website with SEO Contents using WordPress
  • Optimization of Captions, Titles, and Tag lines
  • Blog writing relevant to product andbusiness
  • Formulating content for online ads and the website
  • Google Search Console Management
  • To learn Online SEO Tools
  • Keywords Research Techniques
  • How to find good ratting keywords? how to check business website ranking?
  • Impact of writing effective reviews on Google and other search engines

Module 3 :Digital Web Content Analysis Tools

Duration:2 Weeks

In this SEO Course section you will practically learn Online Tools to analyse website contents, website ranking, keyword analysis, and diagnose the problems what need to be fix to get high rank in search engines. It will need the area knowledge and effective skills to optimize web contents with good marketing strategy through which you will be able to place yourself on top of searches and insights that a potential consumer might be seeking through any platform on the internet. You will learn how to boost online conversions to help stand out in top of the search in marketplace and ensure the best possible Return on Investment (ROI). This all knowledge will help you to update website contents with better response and designs to attract potential visitors /customers in a meaningful manner. Web Content analysis is a biggest achievement for businesses. By the end of the Digital Marketing course from Careervision Institute Islamabad/Rawalpind, you will also have to learn usage of web analytics and convert them to a business plan to increase leads to The Business and become good digital marketing professional.

  • Introduction to Online SEO Tools
  • Web Content Writing Tools
  • Website Traffic Analytics Tools
  • Website Ranking Checkers
  • Backlink Checkers
  • SEO Comparisons
  • Google Search Console Management
  • Keywords Research Tools

    Module 4 :Search Engine Marketing and Analytics Tools

    Duration: 02 Weeks

In this section of SEO training, you will deeply understand what is search engine marketing and How search algorithms treats your website contents to be best rated. Search Engines uses complex techniques and intelligent techniques to crawl your contents. Commercialization of Products and services through SEO is projecting high in commercial business in big citiies islamabad, lahore, karachi and in rawalpindi. Once the robust auto robots crawling web contents that will be helping for your website to get good ratting score in search engine. Search engine understanding is a biggest achievement for all businesses who are interested to market Digitally, as users base their decision to buy or forgo based on reviews and likes.

Section Includes:

  • Introduction to SEM
  • What is Digital Competence of a business
  • Google Business Creation
  • Google Map, Map Citation Strategy
  • Effective Blogging, Backlinks for Web Traffic
  • Paid Search and Display Advertising using google ads
  • Website Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Website Analytics
What is Website Optimization?

Optimizing a website is about trying to rank higher in search engine results. SEO seeks to divert certain factors that are known to influence search engine results. Successful SEO can find far more search engines than some pages that are searching for the same keyword or keyword phrase. The better the search engine optimization of a web page, the higher its ranking in the search results list. SEO can help a website or competitors to offer a service to learn seo course in islamabad seo course in rawalpinidi

Picture of SEO course trainer in I-8 islamabad
Arsalan Hussain
Senior Trainer

Mr. Arsalan Hussain is a Senior Trainer for professional computer courses in careervision institute. He got 15 years of experience of Training in field of Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, and Web Development

Course Features

  • Duration : 02 Months
  • Leactures : 25
  • Quizzes : 03
  • Batch : 10
Price : PKR. 20,000/- Enroll Now

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